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Resources and References

You may scroll through the references below to view them all, or use the Filter or Sort buttons at top left to narrow the records to your interest. You may also use the button at the top right to search. Click on any resource to enlarge it, or click View Larger Version at the bottom to see all of the resources in full-screen. See below for a brief tutorial on using Filter or Sort. For a simple bibliography to print/download, click here.

You can print/download a simpler Bibliography by clicking on the ellipsis below [...] and clicking "print view"


In this first example, the Filter is used to narrow the display to only journal articles relating to ambulatory care, where a full-text link is available.

In this second example, Sort is used to place all of the records in order by population

In this third example, the Search feature is used to look for a particular author

Have a reference or resource to recommend? Please submit it!

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