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Blog Guidelines

Welcome to the HPAN blog, a place where individuals can share resources and stories relating to the intersection of autism and healthcare.  The audience for this blog is health providers of all disciplines and in all locations.

These guidelines aim to help our contributors create pieces that will fit the mission of HPAN.

  1. All pieces are edited for clarity, style, and length, and are posted at the discretion of HPAN.

  2. No personal attacks on organizations or individuals will be published.

  3. Submissions should be 1200 words or less.

  4. Where possible, include an image with your piece to be used as a featured image. Please credit all images that do not belong to you.

  5. HPAN does not provide compensation for blog contributors.

  6. HPAN is not liable for reproductions of your contribution once it is posted on the HPAN website.

  7. The ideas, opinions, and/or suggestions presented in blog posts are not endorsed by HPAN, but rather are offered through this blog as a creative outlet for our community.


To submit a post, please e-mail

More details forthcoming

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